8:00–9:00, Breakfast Keynote — Building a $100 Million Brand (Ballroom)

Chris Prucha graduated EMU in 2012 and moved to California where he first worked for Apple. He then founded two startups: Notion, a well known, privately-held, productivity app most recently valued at $10 Billion and Origin, an innovator in the 3D Printing Space, sold in late 2020 for $100 Million. In this talk, Chris outlines how he built Origin into a $100 million brand and the lessons he learned from that experience that he now applies as he invests in AI-based startups.

9:10–10:20, Panel 1 — Growth Marketing with AI (Room 310)

AI has always been at the heart of digital growth marketing. What’s happening at the forefront of practice? How are frontline marketers using tools like ChatGPT and other generative models to make their efforts more effective and efficient?

10:20–10:50, Networking Break Sponsored by the Digital Summer Clinic (Room 300)
10:50–12:00, Panel 2 — Content with AI (Room 310)

As we go to press, writers and actors are on strike, partially over the role of AI in the creative process. From the perspective of creators, what promises does AI hold? How do people in charge of content creation for businesses view the potential of AI? What are potential risks for both groups?

12:00–2:00, Lunch Panel — What We’ve Learned Today (Ballroom)

We’re rejoined by a panel of the day’s contributors to discuss things we’ve learned, questions we’ve bene able to resolve, and things we have yet to figure out.