About the Workshop

This year’s conference will be held fully in-person. In 2019, the last year the conference was held fully in-person, it attracted close to 300 attendees. We expect 2022 to be a rebuilding year, and we are targeting a much smaller attendance of 100-150 attendees. Attendees are split roughly 70/30 between the business and university communities. Business attendees are from small and medium businesses as well as divisions of larger companies.



The theme of the conference, hybrid marketing, is meant as a starting point for the panelists. It is inspired by the observation that at the start of the pandemic, the pace of marketing’s move to digital channels rapidly accelerated with things like digital delivery, home delivery, and curbside pickup leading the way. With the subsiding of the pandemic, we’re seeing increasing in-person consumption of goods and services side-by-side with digital. What is a marketer to do? Our keynote speaker and panelists will speak to how they have successfully balanced their marketing mixes in these rapidly changing times.


What to Expect

Since 2011, the Digital Marketing Workshop has been an ongoing valuable resource for Michigan businesses. Here are some in-depth discussions with previous speakers that answer digital marketing’s biggest questions.

“What is your best advice for those starting in digital marketing and communications?” (2:54)

“What is one of the biggest blunders a business can make?” (8:10)

Who To Expect

Learn from global giants based in Michigan and across the US with this year’s impressive speaker lineup. Speakers from Google, Pinterest, Career Now Brands, Ann Arbor SPARK, and many more will explore this year’s workshop theme, “Hybrid Marketing.”

As always, the workshop aims to provide thought-provoking and actionable insights. This year, the workshop kicks off on theme with moderator Bud Gibson, and his panel, Opening Breakfast: Hybrid Marketing? Each event has experts that will share their unique perspective on rebooting the economy with digital in the lead. View the full agenda here and register here.