About the Workshop

The theme of the conference, The Age of AI, is inspired by the most recent surge of the term “AI” in the marketing world (not for the first time). What do we mean by “AI” this time? How can the new AI tools make us more effective and efficient? Our keynote speaker and panelists are experts who have built successful marketing and branding strategies in the past and who are pioneering new practices with AI-based tools from OpenAI, Meta, and Google.


What to Expect

Since 2011, the Digital Marketing Workshop has been an ongoing resource for Michigan businesses. Here are some in-depth discussions with previous speakers about the kinds of insights you can get from the conference.

“What is your best advice for those starting in digital marketing and communications?” (2:54)

“What is one of the biggest blunders a business can make?” (8:10)

As always, the workshop aims to provide thought-provoking and actionable insights. We’re excited to be able to host keynoters and panelists from national and local companies like Origin, Google, Popeyes, The Detroit Pistons, TechStak, and many more. This year, the workshop kicks off with, Notion & Origin founder, Chris Prucha’s breakfast keynote Building a $100 Million Brand. Chris will speak about how he built Origin’s 3D printing business and sold it for $100 Million as well as his current investments in AI startups. We then transition to our morning panels, Growth Marketing with AI and Brand Building with AI, breaking for a networking session in between. At lunch, we bring back our keynoter Chris Prucha and several morning panelists to talk about what we learned.  View the full agenda here and register here.