Chris Prucha, Co-Founder of Notion & Origin

Born in Michigan, Chris has made a considerable mark on Silicon Valley through his entrepreneurial endeavors. He co-founded Notion, an innovative workspace productivity platform that’s now privately valued at an impressive $10 billion and used worldwide.   Alongside Notion, Chris also co-founded Origin, a deep technology company that advanced the open ecosystem concept in theContinue reading “Chris Prucha, Co-Founder of Notion & Origin”

Sufian Qrunfleh, EMU Marketing Department

Dr. Sufian Qrunfleh is the Interim Department Head of Marketing & an Associate Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management at Eastern Michigan University. He earned his Ph.D. in Manufacturing Management from The University of Toledo in Ohio. He routinely teaches operations management, supply chain management, and operations planning and scheduling in supply chain atContinue reading “Sufian Qrunfleh, EMU Marketing Department”

Ian Sherk, ADA

Ian started his marketing career just over a decade ago as an assistant at [Current branding for EMU’s digital marketing program]. Since then he has managed performance advertising campaigns across various verticals including automotive, B2B SAAS, and tax services. In 2014, Ian joined a strong performing start-up of about a half dozen people and hasContinue reading “Ian Sherk, ADA”

Amber Gadsby, Popeye’s

Amber has over 15 years’ experience in the food marketing industry at Domino’s Pizza and Popeye’s Louisiana Kitchen.  She’s an award-winning strategic marketer, innovator, and digital leader, recognized for creativity in both Ad Week and Advertising Age. Her work leading the Domino’s AnyWare ordering launch also won Clio and Cannes Titanium Grand Prix awards.  Continue reading “Amber Gadsby, Popeye’s”

Ryan Redoute, That Michigan Guy

Ryan Redoute is a Michigander creating video content for Michiganders on TikTok and Instagram. Previously in his digital marketing career, he worked for big corporate brands at different agencies in Chicago and Detroit. In 2018, he founded his own digital marketing agency Dynamo.     Through his TikTok and Youtube, has amassed over 120K+ followers overContinue reading “Ryan Redoute, That Michigan Guy”