Jenn Hayman, Ann Arbor SPARK

Jenn holds a prominent position as the President of Marketing, Communications, and Events at Ann Arbor SPARK. Drawing from her extensive experience in the fields of marketing and communications, she has established a remarkable track record of cultivating and elevating brands across diverse sectors such as higher education, technology, and hospitality. Notably, her previous role was as the Director of Marketing at Human Element, a local agency specializing in web development. Prior to this, Jenn’s expertise was instrumental as the Director of Marketing for Zingerman’s Service Network, a pivotal entity providing support to the Zingerman’s Community of Businesses (ZCoB). Earlier in her career, she served as the Director of Marketing and Communications for Merit Network.

Jenn’s education highlights her career path, having earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Eastern Michigan University, and later a Master’s in Business Administration from Napier Edinburgh University. These academic experiences have surely helped her excel in guiding effective marketing, communications, and event strategies throughout her impressive career.

Here’s Jenn’s LinkedIn profile: