Chris Prucha, Co-Founder of Notion & Origin

Born in Michigan, Chris has made a considerable mark on Silicon Valley through his entrepreneurial endeavors. He co-founded Notion, an innovative workspace productivity platform that’s now privately valued at an impressive $10 billion and used worldwide.


Alongside Notion, Chris also co-founded Origin, a deep technology company that advanced the open ecosystem concept in the 3D printing industry. Origin later merged with Stratasys, forming the largest public pure-play 3D printing company (NASDAQ: SSYS).


After arriving in California, Chris’s early experiences as a software engineer at Apple significantly shaped his technological and product approach. His hands-on involvement with computer programming and product development underscore his ongoing commitment to innovation.


Driven by a philosophy that promotes broad access to new technologies, including general artificial intelligence (AGI), Chris continues to innovate and inspire the next generation. His work and strategic investments reflect a deep belief in democratizing technology, making cutting-edge advancements accessible to all.


Here’s Chris’s LinkedIn profile: